Are you a vanguard soul?

8 01 2010

Vanguard souls have special strengths and sensitivities.  They will do what it takes to have a rich life.  They feel their capacity and want to shape it.  They seek intensity, mystery, deep consciousness.

The twenties life stage is a pivotal time for setting trajectories of body, mind and spirit.

Will you have an extraordinary life?




3 responses

18 01 2010
Nick Steinberg


It’s ironic that I met you the other day while walking the dog and, since I just signed onto Face book, saw your advertisement for “Are you a Vanguard soul?” and, before I remembered that it was you, I clicked on it.

All I can say is Wow! You have an amazing bio and are very well rounded, educated, and intelligent. Your workshop idea I think is amazing. How right are you when you say the 20’s are a pivotal time. It definitely sets the stage so to speak.

Wish I met you in my early 20’s!

If I know of any 20 year olds I would definitely recommend them to you.

18 01 2010

thank you so much for clicking on the link…

26 02 2010
melina satchita

hi I am interested in participating in the 20’s group work you are planning out. I am 24 and a devout yoga practitioner. I have been studying as much as possible with Sofia Diaz who I esteem incredibly! I have followed D Deida’s work the past three years and am intrigued to further my studies and practice! keep me up to date! Love, M

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