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10 12 2009
Ellen November

Rebecca, I rarely read much copy on the web, although I am on it all day. I just read your entire article. Only until I got to the end did I even think the writer was a woman.
As a middle-aged woman with a total crush on Adam Lambert, I thank you heartily for your in-depth analysis. I relate to what you are saying and think you have really hit the nail on the head regarding the reason behind the attraction.
I was seduced early on by him on Idol. That voice, his vulnerability. I knew early on he was gay since my son is and I have hung around enough gay guys in Drama/Choir to pick up on it right away. And yes, there is a certain ‘safeness’ in the attraction to a gay man. They are certainly more fun and real and bold than girlfriends. They have already done the bravest thing any of us will do, which is to come out. Their lives are out of the closet. Many straight people really ‘come out’ and show who they are.
Then for me, knowing his Mom is Jewish and therefore, from a traditional Jewish perspective, so is he, had another attraction.
But that voice and his delivery, that is the bottom line.
And the AMA award performance was in bad taste and poor as he admitted.
He and Lady Gaga have both opened doors to new levels of ourselves, previously unrevealed.
He is the next step in the unraveling of our society as we have known it. I give him kudos for his boldness. Yes, he’ll make mistakes along the way and I am more than willing to forgive him.
Try to picture this: Elvis going on the Ellen Show to say that shaking his hips was a little off the charts as it was unplanned for the Sullivan show.
Thank you for your brilliant thinking on this.

8 01 2010

Thanks for this — sorry it took me so long to find it.

I liked the contrast with Elvis on Ed Sullivan. That’s what I think makes Adam an emblem of a more evolved consciousness: he is able to take multiple perspectives and see things from the point of view of ABC as well as his own.

Did you read the “pop culture writings” page — that’s where the first Adam article was. The one you read was the second. Thanks for commenting!

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