Love, relationships and sexuality

We’ll study three different levels.

Level 1 – The physical

Basics of sexual anatomy and mechanics.  All the tabs and slots and how they can be combined.  Sexually transmitted diseases (for those of you who’ve been living under a rock.)  Safety in your encounters.  Self-esteem, body image – making conscious choices.

We’ll probably throw in a little of the subtle-physical (your energy) and how’s it’s affected by sexual physicality.

Level 2 – Love, connection and relationship

What does intimacy and connection mean?  How do men and women think about these things differently?  How do we think about them similarly?  We know that every comedian has a routine about the differences between us – how do we navigate in a way that leads to a satisfying life?

Level 3 – Transcendence

A surprising number of people report transcendence in sex and love that surpasses physical ecstasy.  Is that important to you?  How might you lay the groundwork for experiences that can really rock your world?

You may be interested in my other blog on sexuality,  It’s directed to heterosexual men but feel free to drop by.


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