Money, work and career

It’s a rare person who is going to inherit enough money to survive without working.  Even people who do inherit a bunch of money have to figure out how they want to spend it – what their values are and what money will mean for them.


If everyone in the world could make a living by following their bliss, there would be way, way, too many ballerinas.  Stages would be overcrowded and they’d be bumping into each other.


What is it like to do your art as your living?  What is it like to do your politics or social change activities as your living? 


What are the implications of the different ways that people make money: a job working for a corporation or non-profit, having your own business, or making your way toward a life of investing? 


What are the basics of having a healthy financial life:  how do you balance earning, saving, spending and risk? 


How does what you do with money carry meaning through your whole life?  You’re making decisions now that will set you on a path…


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7 03 2010

sorry it took me so long this went to spam.

thanks! glad you like it. i can’t remember the template but it was one you could customize. the banner over the head is a painting of mine.

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