What is this going to cost me?

To be honest, I’m figuring that out.

Here’s the thing:

I know people in their twenties don’t have a bunch of money.  That’s part of the program – learning how to get the money part of your life together.

Also, it totally annoys me that you pay for workshops long before you know if they really did anything for your life.

But money will help us to get nice rooms to meet in and to do fun stuff and to find great people.  Maybe something like $50-75 month?

Whatever financing scheme I come up with, participants would have some time of coming for free to see if this is a fit for them – and frankly if they’re a fit for me.

The other thing I thought of is some kind of “pay later” idea based on whether your income starts going up.  So…maybe this: we’ll develop a contract that says you pay me 1/10th of the difference between your yearly income when you start and your yearly income in each of the next five years.  So I get a tenth of – not of all your money – but a tenth of the increase in your income.  You keep 90% of the improvement in your income and I get 10%.  So if you all do really well, then I make bucks.  I’d be like a performer’s agent on commission. Sound fair?

Feedback so far on this idea is that a bill in the future is too intimidating.  Hmm.  That means you expect your income to go up a lot!

And maybe your life and career will completely take off and it has nothing to do with all the fun and knowledge and insight and depth of the workshop.  Hmm.  Write me and we can talk.

But then how do I get money into the system initially for a space to meet and adventures and projects?  Working on that.


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