What is this?

The Twenties Workshop

This is a workshop based in the San Francisco Bay Area for people in their twenties who would like to spend some very conscious time and attention shaping their lives.  I’m open to doing something online but I think a big draw will be hanging out with each other.

The workshop is designed to be both intense and fun; it will require considerable commitment in order to get value from it.  The workshop will probably require several hours a week of your time (unless you’re still in school full time).  If it’s not a priority and not fun for you, then either you’re not doing it right or I’m not doing it right.

The idea here is that the twenties are a perfect time to stop and reflect on how you want to live your life.  This time has a bit of magic to it – a malleability you can use to deepen the whole journey.

Maybe you’re in college, finished college, maybe you’ve decided not to go to college.  Maybe you’ve got a career job, maybe you don’t want a career job.  Maybe you’re always out of money.  Maybe you’re kind of getting it together in that area.  Have you fallen in love yet?  Still there?  Why or why not?  What’s your plan for keeping your mind working and growing?  What about your heart?  Health and body?

Are you having the kinds of experiences you want to have?  In your outer world?  Maybe travel, maybe helping others, maybe creating?  How about inwardly?  Do you crave peace or intensity?  What’s happiness to you?

Too often, I think, people let circumstances determine their lives; they might follow some groove set by family or culture.  Maybe these well worn grooves are exactly the ones we want our lives to follow – maybe they’re not. The point here is to live life absolutely consciously.

We’ll do exercises and projects and adventures and creations and individual work and group work.

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it?  Well I guess it’d better be fun!  Hey, I’ll do my best, but it also depends on you.  It depends on how many interesting people show up.

How great would it be to be able to meet friends in a context where you could actually see who they really are?  Their values, their minds, their art.  What if you could help each other into deeper and deeper experiences in life?

The Twenties Workshop is not for everyone.  This is a community for smart, high functioning, committed, introspective, creative, motivated people.  (Or those who could be described with at least a couple of those adjectives!)

Stay tuned.  I’m trying to figure out a good application form.

Until then feel free to write me at allbitsthesame@yahoo.com.


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