Are you a vanguard soul?

8 01 2010

Vanguard souls have special strengths and sensitivities.  They will do what it takes to have a rich life.  They feel their capacity and want to shape it.  They seek intensity, mystery, deep consciousness.

The twenties life stage is a pivotal time for setting trajectories of body, mind and spirit.

Will you have an extraordinary life?


The Twenties Workshop

29 04 2009

Extraordinary life

Put simply, who wants to live their whole life in ordinary, mundane consciousness?  Why would drugs be so popular if people weren’t aching to see, feel and know the deeper mysteries of life?  Lasting joy, profound knowing, limitless heart.

Drugs can certainly open the “doors of perception” but how do you keep them open without having to do lots of drugs regularly?

How do you live the life you want – a conscious life – and not be dragged along by circumstance?  It takes an awareness of all aspects of your life.

Your twenties is a perfect time to focus your attention on how you want your life to be.  Put your energy into it.  Now.  And reap the benefits for your whole life.

This is a workshop for people in their twenties in the SF Bay Area want to put some time and attention into shaping their lives – check out the “What Is This?” tab.

Feedback anyone?

1 11 2009

I would love to know how you got here and what you think, even if you’re not interested in the workshop.


Feel free to write me with feedback about what you liked and didn’t:


Thank ya kindly

Life lived

1 07 2009

…in an apartment on a Saturday afternoon and the blinds were drawn. The TV was on and my friend’s friend’s kids were running in and out. She was a nice person, her kids were nice but it was so dull – so numb.

I’ve remembered my thought right then all my life – I’m not going to live like this. I’m not going to let my life pass me, doing things out of boredom or some idea of supposed to.

I discover what living full on means every day. For me it’s an inner life; a feeling of awareness.

What is living full on for you? It takes intent.

That’s what this workshop is about – intent. Developing intent and putting that intent into action.